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Energy Service & Knowledge Made Simple

Dynergy is a leading Energy Management Company (EMCo) that provides comprehensive energy and sustainability solutions to our clients. With our optimum energy management strategy, clients will not only be able to manage their utility costs, but also be able to mitigate their risk and enhance their reputation within the market and communities they serve.

Dynergy was founded in 2002, when a commercial building in Toronto was going through an energy retrofit project. The ownership and the anchor tenant entered a joint energy project on their building to reduce energy consumption and costs. The project was proposed to achieve minimum 20% energy reduction of the total building use. Dynergy was requested to Measure and Verify (M&V) the energy performance for 3 years after the implementation to ensure the target energy savings were met. To show the energy savings, Dynergy developed a monitoring portal, utilizing the utility meters (i.e. Toronto Hydro, Enbridge Gas & City of Toronto) to collect the data and to display on a 15 minutes interval energy profile.

Building up from the success of the initial project, Dynergy has been growing our business in providing energy management services to over 10 Million square feet in commercial, multi-residential, institutional and industrial buildings across Canada. Our key service is Monitoring and Targeting (M&T), where we communicate with a building’s main utility meters and sub-meters, relate energy consumption data to its influencing factors to provide a better understanding of how energy is being used. The Dynergy M&T program provides an insight into the energy profile, identify signs of energy waste, and opportunities to save energy. The Dynergy website provides online access to view and monitor building energy consumption patterns anytime, anywhere.

Past years, there has been a significant changes and improvement in technology. Recent exponential growth in big-data and analytics businesses have led to corresponding exponential improvements in new software and database technology. Our commitment to providing the leading energy management services to our clients has led to the development of a new energy monitoring platform and client web portal to make our technology offerings best in class. Including our clients in the design process, we have designed our key services such as real-time metering and detailed analytics solutions in simple to interpret user friendly formats.

Our new monitoring platform was designed with a newest technology without losing our original focus on showing the energy use in simple way. We are truly excited to show our building industry what leading Energy Management can offer.

Please join us in taking the First Step to Sustainability Future.